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My Deutschland

Meine 1.600-km-Radtour längs durch Deutschlands HinterlandMy 1,000-mile-push-bike-trip through Germany’s hinterland was just great
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My Deutschland

... and I did enjoy and respect Germany and the hillbillies on the country side after a long time of abstinence – I am a “sea billy” as well –; but to be honest: this summer … With Merkel-pushed horrifying solar substitutes on energy prices to save the world’s climate on her own with our money it could have been a bit more sun (wettest summer for 150 yrs.).

Okay, that’s the reason I hit the road again and will check out some therapy-atmosphere with much more sun, sea, no traffic jams 24/7 and the Görman stress during winter and work on two things.


A new book: „5,000 miles on foot across North America“

5,000 miles on foot across North America


We thought long time if it makes sense, to create a blog about vary true Germany and Germans without ›fake news‹ on ›alternative facts‹. About the Germany where everybody can work ›fine‹, that the pension is enough to live on (with is a hoax, but most Germans believe in that lie, that’s why Germany still runs on all cylinders). After quiet a bit of wrenching Katrin’s and my brain we though our friends world wide, should get a different point of view with the censored (yes!) Merkel-owned Cockayne news with rip-off-taxes and rules THEY don’t even understand themselves, let along obey them.

Further more I will bring evidence that I really did survive my S/M-self-experiment:
22 months without break in Görmany

I did not had this courage since 1977. After standing back a bit and with 3,000 clicks of distance between me and Merkel’s country I must confess: the time was god-awful! THEY don’t let you live. And simply to home they is an expensive torture without rights.

Storys from Germany


of milk and honey; milk “EHEC-free” of course and honey “from EU and non EU-countries” so you don’t really know what you get. Where EVERYTHING (like the curve of a banana!) is controlled, THEY nanny you 24/7 and you have to pay extra for things you don’t want, because that’s the rule! Because THEY know exactly what’s best for you. This is a country of the “keep on forth”-clan (without change) in the 13th year of reign at their owed Mongolian Urga-Thing (Berlin) like an “African dictatorship” (and probably laugh about us all day).